Oak industrial mosaic

Industrial mosaic is a product especially resistant to mechanical damage. It is also called an industry-parquet or an upright-segment parquet. In the past, because of its usable features, the industry-parquet could be only seen in the industrial buildings and the public facilities. Currently, the industrial mosaic can be used throughout the home.

It connects features of mosaic and paving, because its installation is with the very narrow trenchers, narrower but thicker than a traditional mosaic, and sometimes even thicker than paving. Usually, the industrial mosaic trenchers are 8-22 mm wide and 10-22 mm thick. The floor has high parameters, it does not deform, and it is wear-resistant.


  • 10x10x250-300
  • 10x20x250-300
  • 14-15x10x250-300
  • 14-15X20X250-300
  • 20X10X250-300
  • 20X20X250-300
  • 22X10X160

We produce oak mosaic and from the smoked oak.

The obvious advantage of the industrial mosaic is also its price.




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