Smoking wood service

We carry out wood smoking of the obtained material, using ammonia method. We offer 3 types of oak smoking:

  • dark (through smoking)
  • medium (through smoking)
  • light

We use modern technology and top quality equipment. We have improved our smoking technique for the last 15 years, which resulted in many satisfied customers worldwide.

Among others we smoke:

  • Loped sawn timber
  • Industrial mosaic
  • Oak laths
  • Elements of sills, doors, windows, steps, terraces
  • Wood veneer

Smoked wood kinds:

  • oak
  • merbau
  • acacia
  • beech
  • Siberian larch


Caro Wood Karol Mazurkiewicz
Zieluń ul. Piastowska 4
09-304 Lubowidz

Tel.: +48 517 985 626


Our partners
On a daily basis, we cooperate with many Polish and foreign companies. Join the circle of our satisfied customers.
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